Road Safety in Dhaka: Challenge for Sustainable Development

Shadika Haque Monia


Road safety refers to the idea of methods and solutions to protect road users from being injured or killed in road accidents. Road users include pedestrians, cyclists, rickshaw and van drivers, and riders of public transport systems such as buses, trams, etc. According to the World Health Organization, more than one million people die in road accidents every year and about 50 million people are injured. Road accidents are identified as one of the major obstacles to sustainable development in Bangladesh. In developing countries such as Bangladesh Road, Safety is much lower in developing or underdeveloped countries and the rate of casualties in road accidents is much higher than in developed countries. The scenario is getting serious day by day. Therefore, Dhaka City has been witnessing tremendous growth in population and physical expansion. This study uses the qualitative research theory and the idea of sustainable development as analytical tools. The research was conducted to analyze and discuss road safety in Dhaka. The research method used in the research is descriptive qualitative research with various primary and secondary sources of the studies. This research resulted in the various aspects of road safety in Bangladesh. The differences between theory and practice, domestic legal arrangements as well judicial decisions.


Road; Safety; Dhaka; Bangladesh; Traffic

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